A photo a day – Nan’s house

I promised dad I’d pick up fish and chips for a second time this week so planned to stop outside the chippy, and phone to ask them to bring the meal to me to save me getting in and out of the car. The route meant that I would drive down Ravenscroft Road in Beckenham – the road where mum grew up in Nan’s house.

The house hasn’t changed fundamentally – no massive loft conversion here – but displays many differences from when I was a boy visiting nan. For example, she had a sun curtain on a rail in front of the front door as well as a neatly laid garden; these are both long gone. In addition she never had a burglar alarm or a recycling bin; now present.

I remember mum telling me that granddad used to keep and use a chamber pot under the bed even though the house had an inside toilet! Nan left here sometime in the late 1970s to live in Goudhurst with another daughter.


About Pete

South Londoner struggling with life, art and photography.
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