A photo a day – Greg and the Sunday paper

Today’s photo is a purely playful thing. It’s of Greg, my eldest son in the back garden.

I had originally envisaged  a portrait with a Victorian evocation, and in many ways this does just that. Greg is posing as if unaware of the camera and yet the viewer knows he must be aware of it.

The flowers were from mum’s funeral and I couldn’t resist a little colour popping (although I toned down the vibrance). I also adjusted the light and vignetting so the subject is framed both by the shrubs and tone. Just a but of fun really.

About Pete

South Londoner struggling with life, art and photography.
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1 Response to A photo a day – Greg and the Sunday paper

  1. I have nothing against colour popping if done well; it is when colours are over-saturated and hence block out detail that I recoil … sometimes it is being done with a purpose though. For me, the above photograph is about light and the strong sense of contrast. Not sure how it is done.

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