Should I stop taking a photo a day and concentrate of project 1?

Although I was only awarded my bachelor’s degree this June I had completed taking all the images for it by last December and the work from December to February was mainly preparing prints and presentation material for the March assessment.

This left a gap in my photographic focus and so I began on December 18th 2013 a photo a day as a way to exercise my photographic eye and skill set. My immediate response was to find the process rather liberating. Whereas my degree photographer was very thematic, quite deliberative and sparse, the challenge of taking a photo each and every day was rather liberating and pushed me into looking for potential images and taking photos spontaneously.

However after 46 days I began to find the process rather vapid (See link). But I continued and have found the process beneficial. It does ensure you keep your eye open to possibilities, it also exercises workflow and blogging skills, and if like me you post them to interested groups the process can act as a method of engagement.

Moreover the activity has usefully filled the time between the end of my first degree and the beginning of this MA, but now I am working on that should I stop the photo a day project? Here are my thoughts:

1. The date today is September 5 2014 and so I am well over half way though the project with only 104 days to its completion.

2. The degree is part time and so my taking an image per day should not reduce the time I need to spend on the MA projects and may trigger new areas of research.

3. The images created in this project can act as a sort of counterpoint to the quite focussed field I am working in for my MA.

So I think I will keep going with the project until December 18th but then I will probably switch to creating a set of imagers per week or per something along those lines. After all it’s another way to support my continuing practice.

What things do you use to motivate your practice?


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South Londoner struggling with life, art and photography.
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