A photo a day – failure?

Here is today’s photo. There is quite a lot wrong with it.


I was in the queue at my Bank and this vista presented itself to me. The pleasant surroundings appeared to me to be in conflict with the sign above the pretty doll house. That seemed to be making a threat about the future.

So I whipped out my camera  and snapped. Because I was inside the bank I did not review the image, manipulate my camera or take a second shot as I knew this would not be welcomed. When home and reviewing the shot I could see a lot wrong with it. For example, the framing is very static with the Doll House centrally placed, and I shot at F/5 @ 1/10th which is too slow so the image is not sharp because of camera shake. The framing is not aligned with the verticals and horizontals and so the image is unstable and the lighting poor with the highlights blown.

Yet for all that the point of the photo in terms of discourse still holds true in that the image offers viewers the chance to consider some of the inconsistencies between the Bank’s intention to take our money and make a profit from it for its shareholders and its not so subtle marketing designed to achieve that while presenting itself as our friend. Accordingly I did not dispose of the image but made the best of could of it.


About Pete

South Londoner struggling with life, art and photography.
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1 Response to A photo a day – failure?

  1. sarahlsnaps says:

    I love this shot! Especially how your eye leads down from the quote above, before resting upon a ‘well done’ rosette, house and pot plant, all finely in symmetry. Suburban bliss 😉


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