A photo a day – not

Today’s image is no photo. Rather it is a digital image I created by just playing.


The thoughts that came to mind when creating this were as follows: (in no particular order).

  • The posterly style ink outlines and slightly distorted shapes put in in mind of 1950s film posters, but when I explored this I couldn’t find any.
  • The main artist I know for rectangles and colour of Rothko (link) but this is wholly different – more graphical and less painterly than his.

I chose primary colours just to ease the choice making process which reminded me of Piet Mondrian (link) but felt that the three distorted rectangles were unbalanced and needed another to the right of frame. However I didn’t want to introduce a new colour so created a monochrome space.

Then I probably went too far by introducing/revealing an earlier version of the image – but this is just playing.

This works for me and hope it does for you. Although to see the thing properly would require it to be printed and large so that you could investigate it from afar as shapes and close up see all the little failures in the detail such as where colour has run.


About Pete

South Londoner struggling with life, art and photography.
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4 Responses to A photo a day – not

  1. sarahlsnaps says:

    I love this, Peter. The colours and fabric like texture especially. It’s really well balanced in a number of ways. Kind of reminds me of Mondrian’s work and Matisse’s ‘cut outs’ too. Is there a theme in your work here…especially with your recent set of photos? When I looked at them from a purely aesthetic point of view- they also had a strong sense of pattern and shape. Much of your work is always so beautifully composed! Thanks for sharing 🙂


    • anomiepete says:

      Thanks Sarah. I do certainly prefer images that work both as strong graphic pictures and discourses. I think we all experience realism so don’t really see the need to try and replicate it in images!

      I’m enjoying the work and feeling part of the MA. How are you getting on/feeling?


  2. sarahlsnaps says:

    ps…I was referring to your ‘Formalist Set of Images’!


  3. sarahlsnaps says:

    Hi Pete,

    Sorry, I can’t see if you’ve replied unless I actually revisit the post! (no email notifications etc). I’m getting on well, thank you. Just too many ideas and inspiration! I feel continually compelled to write down and document all that enters my mind for this project. That is time consuming. I need to get my derierre into gear and start actually CREATING work! Slowly but surely 🙂 Really pleased to hear you are enjoying the course so far!

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