A photo a day – pain

My thumb and wrist having been playing up recently and giving me a lot of pain. I wear a support while typing and presented it in this post (link). But recently the pain has increased and triggered my looking for something else to help. I found this.

adaptive technology-Edit

Its official name is: ZeleSouris Wired Ergonomic Vertical Mouse and the difference in position is designed to ease wrist pain. A key feature for me is that the left and right mouse buttons are both on the right side of the vertical mouse and so should ease the pain in my thumb. We will see.

I faced a similar decision in regards representing the mouse as I did with my post on my thumb splint. In the end I chose to prioritise form over function for aesthetic reasons and present the mouse isolation in triptych monochrome. This allows the viewer to see it, but not as it would be used as that would require my hand to be in the shot and offer a very different evocation where function would be emphasised. However the above image did not make it as my photo of the day for a couple of reasons. Firstly, the depth of field was too narrow so the image was just too soft too soon and secondly the left hand frame showed up a lot of debris on the mouse.

So I then recomposed the image putting a little more space between the lens and it and narrowed the aperture along with using a camera clamp to keep it still giving the longer exposure times. That shot resulted in the composition below.


This triptych was technically better than the first but I had not accounted for the slightly increased distance and thus smaller mouse in relation to the edges of the frame having such a profound effect. The mouse and its features no longer dominated the frame. So I reshot and am please with the final result.


This final photo is not fully sharp in all areas but is sharp enough to see the feature of the mouse and let its form dominate the frames. Subtle differences have very big effects.

About Pete

South Londoner struggling with life, art and photography.
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