A photo a day – disaster

When the word disaster is used on the TV it is often to do with something affecting lots of people. The disasters that affect us singly are not newsworthy and I understand this. But most often the newsworthy disasters do not touch me personally.

My wheelchair cushion split last Friday. This has serious personal consequences. Sitting all day and having no feeling means its very easy to acquire pressure sores (look some images up and scare yourself). I’ve had pressure sores and spent over two years in hospitals in one stretch getting them in one hospital and recovering from them in another. So when my £400 cushion began to leak I got worried.

The cushion is made up of three components: a firm base, a gel cushion that sits on the base, and a cover. The gel inserts disperse heat and pressure and mine had split. I phoned to buy one and the supplier had it in stock but I had missed the delivery window late Friday and so had to wait until Monday for it to sent and Tuesday for it to be delivered. So I wrapped the old cushion in a pillow case and placed it in the cushion cover and used that – luckily this worked with only a few red marks seen when mirror checking my paralysed skin each day. So the cushion arrived I cleaned the cover and replaced the gel insert. This didn’t cost £400 because I only ordered the insert and that costs £261.

Things like wheelchairs and cushions are supposed to be available on the NHS but the administration of them is so poor that if you rely on something for daily functioning its hard to wait 6 or 8 weeks for an assessment and the supply of what they think you need. So today’s photo is of my split cushion insert showing the areas of damage.

I often use a close cropping approach to images of kit and equipment because it instils a sort of pressure or charge in the image that would not otherwise be present.


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