A photo a day – morning

Autumn has definitely arrived: this morning had a crispness to it not seen since last spring. As I was getting dressed this vista caught my eye.

It wasn’t just the light and shadow directly hitting the door but also the reflections from the collapsed laundry box that attracted to it.

The image has none of the subtly of say Joel Meyerowitz’s images in Cape Light[1] where his approach is very measured and graded. Indeed this photo looks too bold – even clumsy and overstated – when compared to them. Yet for me it works in a way that is similar to some of David Penny’s work[2] (link) – not because of the light, but rather though our isolation of the subject matter.  The use of light and dark harks much further back to people like Hans Finsler  and the New Realists.


[1] Joel Mayerowitz, Cape Light, Published by Little, Brown and Co, 2002

[2] David Penny, Fragments, Monoliths, Portals, in Source Magazine in Source: The Photographic Review Issue 77  The Photograph Recoded, published by Photoworks North, Winter 2014


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South Londoner struggling with life, art and photography.
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