Project 2: A second final set?

After some experimentation I ended up presenting this set with more of a high key than I would have originally envisaged and with the removal of two photos.

I’ve done this for two reasons: Firstly I have reprocessed the images to inject a sort of counter value to the subject matter – its treats the images in a faux documentary style that offers little in terms of value. I’m thinking of Weegee’s flash documentary photos (link). Thus the set offers the viewer the illusion of a rather straight approach and my allowing the viewer to just consider the images themselves without any specific evocation from me while in reality I’m offering them a set of strange yet family vistas that should both interest their eye and engage their brain.

Secondly I have removed these two photos.


This allows the set to follow of type of narrative of my day with each image being a commentary on my domestic world with the images hinting at the subject matter and building gradually. Thus the first image of the original set was too obvious and direct and the second photo was removed purely for its interruption of the rhythm of the set at its very tight focus jarred with the others.

I won’t repeat explanations of each individual image here. If you want to read them see here. So this is how the final set looks.

Project 2 finals (1 of 8) Project 2 finals (2 of 8)Project 2 finals (3 of 8) Project 2 finals (4 of 8)Project 2 finals (5 of 8) Project 2 finals (6 of 8)    Project 2 finals (7 of 8) Project 2 finals (8 of 8)

I am quite content with the subject matter, selection and framing and hope the set works to build up a picture in the viewers mind that is greater than the sum of the parts regarding paralysis. However I am more equivocal in terms of their processing. The more I work with a set of images the harder decisions become about how to present them. So I have placed two versions on the final project website.

I often find that I get to I point – like now – where it is best to leave the images. In a few months I might come back to them and find that I want to radically change them or decide they are fine as is. But for now they stand as Project Number 2’s final selections.


About Pete

South Londoner struggling with life, art and photography.
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2 Responses to Project 2: A second final set?

  1. rhiannon evans says:

    I understand that you are looking for groups of images but they are very powerful alone .
    If exhibited I feel that may ( or may not ) work better to emphasise any feelings of isolation especially as the images are also full of a palpable domestic closeness.
    I really like the different points of view.
    Most people do not see domestic scenes from these angles or if they do they do not register them.
    The content is secondary, though obviously very relevant.
    Also, disability and long-term illness are so often perceived as belonging in a ‘care’ setting rather than at home which is the reality for many of us.
    Your images in this series show how home and disability exist together, in a sensitive, interesting way.
    Objective but still personal.

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  2. anomiepete says:

    Thanks for your thoughts Rhiannon – I’ve tried a third version were viewers see the images in colour and singly – just as a comparator. I’v not considered the issue of exhibition production values or even final form of the images yet. Rather just mentally moving around the subject from various angles as present. Notwithstanding this I think your point about isolation is an important one. See you later today.


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