Tutorial: Art Research

Rather than write up a reflection on the subject I decided to create a collage out of my thoughts. However I do need to reference two influences Yvonne’s post here [1] and Jonathan’s tutorial here [2] as they were instrumental in the production of it.

Action research

There is not a lot to disagree with here save for one slide where Jonathan asserted that science led research led to no change whereas art led research did the opposite. I think he was trying to highlight the reflective nature of artistic research on ones own practice – because I don’t think anyone would agree with a position that scientific research doesn’t lead to change – that’s just what it does.


You can’t see the image in any sort of large format so I have uploaded it here:


[1] Yvonne Opalinski, Continuation on Visual and Verbal, MA Fine Art Digital, Weblog, 2014, [online] http://carpenuncdiem.wordpress.com/2014/10/05/continuation-on-visual-and-verbal/ [Accessed] 07/10/2014

[2] Jonathan Kearney, Action research and reflection as methodologies for art practice, 2014 [online] http://vimeo.com/107098105 [Accessed] 07/10/2014


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