Project 3: Building an approach

Given that I like the image of some of my incontinence kit on a plate and tray because it not only worked graphically but raised questions about what the viewer was seeing and understanding, I decided to try continue creating some images in the same vein.

I made a list of things that I would try:

  • Loo seat as pillow
  • Wardrobe – Leg bag as a tie hung up as tie in cupboard rack
  • Front room – Items as flowers in flower vase on mantelpiece in front room
  • Envelope with 3 INR tabs instead of stamps (use Camberwell’s address with a surrealist reference)
  • Aerosol and spanner in ks makeup
  • Washing machine – paper sheets, creams and gels in washing machine
  • Bathroom – pump and wheel
  • Kitchen – alcohol bottle, pump and shoe horn with tea set
  • Dining room – ironing board and inner tubes

Here is a selection of shots taken

Project 3 finals (1 of 8)

Out of place-14untitled-0857Project 3 v1a (5 of 9) Out of place-13

 Project 3 v1a (8 of 9) Out of place-10

 untitled-0944 Out of place-11 

Out of place-12 Project 3 finals (5 of 8)untitled-0798 untitled-0830

Some clearly worked better than others in terms of gestalt but I am not sure any work on their own or as a group as I am not sure they evoke a sense of disconnection, displacement or oddity. However the process and outcome has been interesting. The question is why don’t some work? I am not sure I can answer this yet and need to think about what I am trying to achieve some more.

All the images were given similar production values, contemporary colour slightly enhanced to make the real even more real. But as this is a first attempt I haven’t worried about the technical issues yet – just ideas – so some images have blown and clipped areas.


About Pete

South Londoner struggling with life, art and photography.
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3 Responses to Project 3: Building an approach

  1. Some interesting ideas here, Pete. Here’s a few more:
    A banana in the phone holder (a bit gimmicky!)
    The flowers from the vase could be placed in the plug hole of the basin.

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  2. anomiepete says:

    Thanks Jason but the juxtaposition has to be related to my impairment so it can evoke some questions in the viewer about what they are looking at both visually and in terms of subject matter. (Hey – you’ve just helped me clarify my intention!)


  3. Tanya says:

    Fantastic Pete what a great conceptual and visual idea!

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