Tutorial: reflections – 09/10/2014

This was my first 1 to 1 of the course and so important in terms of whether my first efforts were in the format and direction expected.

Jonathan’s feedback was positive and I have listed the main points below. We discussed:

  • My current project. We explored the intention behind it and its rhythm, and focus, with some images being disconnected from place and others connected.
  • My working method and he described my approach as mature in the sense that I was  comfortable to post experiments, thoughts and uncompleted ideas as this allows me to progress.
  • My rationale for choosing still imagery over moving
  • The nature of photos – as windows to reality, abstractions from reality and objects in their own right
  • The nature of photography for me – as a way of opening up vistas to allow for contemplation and reflection rather using a camera as a way to place distance between me and subject matter
  • Chuck Close – wheelchair user and photographer – I had not heard of him so will explore
  • The format and nature of my blog thus far – all okay but if I am to continue to reference then Jonathan suggested I use the Harvard referencing format of author and date in the test and full alphabetical bibliography at the end of the post.
  • We also discussed where I am in terms of the Disabled Students Allowance.

We also discussed my comment posted here on his seminar on Art Research and he clarified that he wasn’t saying scientific research doesn’t lead to change, but rather than scientific research is premised on repeatability whereas artistic research actually changes the constituent parts eg me and the art. Agreed (it was good that he picked the point up because it led to an interesting discussion).  

I am pleased that the format and method of approach to the work  fits in with what is expected as it is working well for me. But it’s good to get little things like the format of referencing right now as then it can become habitual and easy as I progress. It’s clear that the MA is a framework will allow us all to create and explore our own paths within a shared framework and cohort. Good


  • Explore Chuck Close
  • Change referencing to this

About Pete

South Londoner struggling with life, art and photography.
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2 Responses to Tutorial: reflections – 09/10/2014

  1. Hi ! I really love your work ! i find interesting the idea of perspective in your work. Have you seen any of Bill Brandts work if not its worth giving a look !
    kind regards

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