A photo a day – 300 stripes

Yesterday marked day 300 of my photo a day adventure. I started it purely as a way of teaching me how to blog as it would require me creating and posting images and so help me learn about the organisation and structure that a blog would need for the MA.

However since then its suffered from a little mission creep as the contribution does not have to be a photo and can be a digital image. The process is a good one as its exercised my photography skills throughout the workflow, got me interested in wider aspects of digital imagery, HTML and blogging and so taken on a momentum of its own.  So today’s image recognises that journey.


Imagine this as an image along a wall where each coloured stripe offered a different texture. You could walk along feeling each day. (See a larger version here). I did also take a photo – but just of the vernacular sort as two workmen replaced a dead tree in the road.



About Pete

South Londoner struggling with life, art and photography.
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