A photo a day – 13 Brown House

After visiting dad today for lunch I drove the 2 or so miles to 13 Brown House, Chulsa Estate – the place of my birth and first five years.

Chulsa colour-2

I arrived via Border Crescent and so saw my flat before the main entrance as it faced the rear of the building. We lived on the top floor and I liked living so high up. I then drove around to the front and took a shot.  I only have fragmented memories of living here: riding my three wheeler; going over the parks (Crystal Palace and Wells); going to school for the first year, and playing with my friends. But it has been so long and I was so young when I left that I don’t feel any real emotional connection with the place. I was pleased to see that it has been kept in quite good order though.

The diptych proved difficult to create in terms of colour as the light values in the different locations made it hard to harmonise the brick colour on the building and so the front looked more yellow and the back more pink. It worked better as a monochrome image for that reason but I prefer this for its honesty to the vista’s I saw.


About anomiepete

South Londoner struggling with life, art and photography.
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