Curation: do I have a working set?

As is my habit, before beginning work today I just reviewed where I had been and as going with this project. This involved reviewing the images, ideas behind them and deciding what to do next. The process was really useful as I think I have a working set and want to explore and explain why.

Firstly here is my working set.

Project 3 finals (1 of 8)   Project 3 finals (2 of 8)Project 3 finals (3 of 8)Project 3 finals (4 of 8)Project 3 finals (5 of 8)Project 3 finals (6 of 8)  Project 3 finals (7 of 8)   Project 3 finals (8 of 8)

Firstly, viewers might notice that I have reshot the first image of a urine bag on a tie rack. This was because I did not want to offer any repetition in the set unless it offered a wholly different evocation and so replaced the original urine bag with one of another type (for night-time rather than fixed to my leg during the day).

These images work together for several reasons: their colour values are compatible and so the photos share that link, but within that they offer a variety of approaches – juxtaposition, distortion, surrealism and symbolism – and subtlety that modulate the level of obviousness in the visual statement and sense of anomie or displacement offered. But fundamentally the sets works because it articulates about ever expanding environments.

In addition I think each image works in formal compositional terms and subject matter – this makes the set effective as discourse and it does not offer any repetition – each image adds to the whole and moves from the very personal through to the public. So just now (as to what I might think in six months time) I am content. Although I am not sure where this takes me next….

Do let me know what you think of the say and what is evokes – (good or bad comments are welcome just the same!)


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South Londoner struggling with life, art and photography.
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