Project 4: inspiration, experimentation, equivocation, deflation

I hoped that yesterday’s failure to get anywhere would not be repeated and was reading about Charles Csuri in Digital Art (Paul, 2003) and was interested in his SineScape, 1967 and so looked up some more about him and his work. There is a great site here. That shows a lot of his work and puts it into some sort of context. Indeed Glowski’s article entitled Art History available here made some important points such as how his early work saw his context transition from a traditional artists studio to a more scientific working environment, merged his traditional and new art practices, and how he began to program tools – make algorithms – for artistic purposes and how he then used those tools to move to working artistically completely digitally.

It was interesting to see how his work developed and moved me to try a different approach. Rather than think about and construct and prepare images I decided to just take some photos of my kit in situ using slow shutter speeds and see what I could make of them.

The first image shows incontinence sheets. It didn’t say anything to me but served as a base image to try and explore and evoke something about impairment.


I explored various representations like this halftone image but it didn’t really evoke anything.


So then using another photo I tried something else and played with exposure and colour values.

Intimate landscape (24 of 50)


I liked the effect and so continued to try the approach out with another image.

Intimate landscape (28 of 50)


While I liked the form of these images – they are interesting as pictures – they didn’t seem to work in terms of discourse. The photos don’t imbue the subject matter with a false importance (as in yesterday’s photos) but rather imbue them with a false value of movement. Maybe if I used the approach in regard of that area – me moving – it might work, but just now and looking at my equipment it seems the approach is at odds with want I am trying to say…. and maybe that is the issue: I don’t think I know what I want to say here. It isn’t that the photos are too open, rather that they are unclear in intent.

I’m a bit stuck. Maybe I will just go off and read a bit and not worry about this too much.


Paul C. (2003) Digital Art, Thames and Hudson


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South Londoner struggling with life, art and photography.
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