A photo a day – intimidated

I had to take my car in for its annual service today.


Even though the place is nice and people friendly the venue can be intimidating. Can I get an accessible (wide and flat) parking place? Will they understand the VAT thing? Arrival always involves going through the sales area to reach the Service Reception and so I am exposed to all the wonderful cars sitting in place to tempt me. Cars are only partly transport aren’t they? The manufacturers sell them on our dreams.

I then read some more of Digital Art by C Paul and was particularly taken by Olia Lialina’s My Boyfriend Came Back from the War Alone as her approach could offer me a way of triggering disability connotation in my imagery without showing disabled bodies. See what you think.



One problem is that it can quickly become very annoying and probably set off fits in some people!


Paul C. (2003) Digital Art, Thames and Hudson

About Pete

South Londoner struggling with life, art and photography.
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