Project 5: Evidence

So this post is a summary of how I executed my approach to project 5: Evidence. If you recall, my aim is to present a set of photos of kit I use as documented facts. For details of the approach see here.

My approach
The key to the success of this approach is in the planning so I achieve the consistency needed so I tested a few different set ups to have clear even lighting, the same focal length and settings for each image and a decent depth of field. image







This image below shows a test set up. Rather than use a tripod where I find it difficult to get close to the camera because of my wheels I used a clamp and Manfrotto Variable Friction Arm along with a cable release.


I purchased a sheet of graphic paper and stuck it to stiff card and then used black tape around its edges to make sure the boarders were straight. I also cut and stuck a section of a tape measure to it in order to offer viewers a sense of scale. I shot in square format with the whole approach intended to amplify the faux objectivity and factual nature of the set.


I selected a range of items that I commonly use that range from the obvious and seen to the hidden. The sorts of things I selected were:

Wheelchair wheel       Pump                                  Incontinence sheaths               Sheath glue
Night urine bags         Day Urine bags                  Microlax mini enema              Dispos-a-gloves
Toilet seat                   Incontinence sheets          Germoloids cream                   Rags
Carpet pieces              Bath Sponge                       Sheepskin                                 Sliding board
Wrist support             Electrical tape                    Grabber                                    Back stretcher

I shot a number of test shots as well as 35 final images and then imported them into Lightroom and made my selection of 20 images and imported them into Elements in order to make the large typology grid. As can be seen some worked better than others.

Discarded shots


I’m pleased with the outcome as I think it meets my intention. The images present themselves as clear objective facts when in realty they are presented out of context and so give the viewer little information.

Colour Forensic

There isn’t much writing here and that belies the arduous nature of the process. Once the set up was tested, and one found to work, the key was to ensure a consistency of process.


About Pete

South Londoner struggling with life, art and photography.
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