A photo a day – the Avenue

When I drive to dad’s each week via the fish and chip shop I travel in time. Even though the streets are less than 2 miles from where are currently live, age and lifestyle mean that I haven’t travelled down them for many years and now, since mum died, I am driving through them on a weekly basis. This photo of typical of the area.


It shows houses and shops -of shops  in little parades, along with a small industrial yard. Now of course most of the shops have gone and the buildings turned into domestic accommodation, but a few survive.

Compare this approach to the photograph of Bluewater taken earlier in the week. Here mixed use used to dominate: people worked and shopped locally (and drank in the local pub). Now though we drive to shopping centres where we know no one and live often far from where we work.

I wonder what this vista will look like in another 50 years – 2064!


About Pete

South Londoner struggling with life, art and photography.
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