A photo a day – them and us

It is Remembrance Sunday today so the BBC showed the ceremony taking place at the Cenotaph in Whitehall  where the leaders of the nation, headed by the Queen, gathered to pay their respects. The ceremony was mirrored locally with a more modest affair where cadets took the place of the armed forces and a single piper the place of the bands of the Guards Division.

Rememberance Sunday

The ceremony is part of the fabric of Britain and one of those things that defines “us”. I’m always interested in the situations I find myself in where I am either seen as “us” or “them”. Of course we make these judgements all the time, but its particularly interesting how states try and foster and maintain collective identities, for example,  even when the national borders are often quite arbitrary.


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  1. I’d say those kinds of ceremonies and displays actually make me feel alienated and like there is a definite “them” that I am not part of.

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