A photo a day – different view of winter

It was bright and sunny today so I went outside and had a look around my garden. The setting offered endless photographic possibilities. In the end two things struck me: patterns and colours and so this is what I have chosen to represent today.


The first image reminded me of the cover of Heidi Specker’s Im Garten (2005) and made me wonder at what point an influence becomes a copy. My image isn’t, as her cover photo was in colour and did not show shadow which is a key feature here. The second image reminded me of Olaf Uckermann’s Chaos (see here) although his is monochrome and about man made railways whereas my image is colour and of a Cotoneaster – a natural subject.

Of course, I am breaking a photographic convention here by mixing monochrome and colour and I have chosen to do so because they reflect my experience of the garden today as it was full of light, shape and colour. This is the type of image that needs to be seen in person and to be shown in quite a large scale so that the images can be seen for both their overall shapes at a distance and in detail close up.


Specker H. (2005), Im Garten, Published by Steidl


About anomiepete

South Londoner struggling with life, art and photography.
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