A photo a day – feeling Christmassy

We woke to a lovely bright crisp morning. It was too good to waste and as we hadn’t go to Lincoln last week we decided to drive to Winchester for their Christmas market and a wander around the town as we have not visited before.

It’s quite like many cathedral cities in England: Bath, Norwich, Canterbury, Bury St Edmunds, and York come to mind. You feel the age of the place just by looking above the shop fronts to see the old buildings that predated them. Anyway It was good to get out and I didn’t feel ill, Karen had her warm mulled wine, and we wandered.

The cathedral isn’t as spectacular as some but the day certainly invested me with the Christmas spirit and so today’s photo reflects that.



About Pete

South Londoner struggling with life, art and photography.
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2 Responses to A photo a day – feeling Christmassy

  1. schirgwin says:

    While “wonder around the town” is almost certainly a typo, I rather hope it isn’t…


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