Work exhibited – Photofusion 14, Source Magazine, and Unlimited

Keith Greenough – a fellow photographer whose work can be seen here – had work exhibited at the Photofusion Salon 14 exhibition currently running at the Brixton base. He saw my work there – presented as part of a slideshow – and kindly took a shot and sent it to me .


I was chuffed to see the image in situ as I had only previously seen it on their website.


I’m thinking of submitting some work to Source, but I think its probably a little too soon as I want to have more work completed around the subject of impairment and disability. Still, we will see.

I have completed my exploration of Unlimited and decided not to submit an application. I tried making contact with a few producers but failed to secure any responses and without having access to people who could run the logistics of the project feel that it would be unlikely to succeed in securing funding or be successful.

Still, I am happy and content with my work and progress thus far.


About Pete

South Londoner struggling with life, art and photography.
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