Tradition and incremental change

We’ve had a tradition of visiting Brighton every 29h December for well over 10 years now. The date is Karen’s Birthday and so the trip works as a treat for her and gets the family out of the house and blows our cobwebs away after Christmas.

But it’s interesting thinking about how the day has changed: when the kids were very young the trip was mostly focussed on walking along the seafront and the activities on the pier. Then there was a long period of walking around Brighton’s famous lanes. Then, as the boys became men, one of other of them might not have been available.

One constant feature has been a fish and chip lunch, and so yesterday we spent the first part of the day at Harry Ramsden’s having lunch and then Karen and Alex visited the Lanes and Greg and I sat and chatted on the seafront.

As always the challenge in photographic terms was to decide what I wanted to share/say and how I wanted to say it. Would this is be visual essay or a exercise in form? The images I liked most were these below. I made no attempt and harmonising them and threated each image as a singular item thus they all look quite different.


In the end I selected this photo of Greg. We spend a lovely couple of hours by ourselves just chatting and it was great, and I selected this image because it reflects the tone of the discussion – not frivolous – but rather deep and considered. 


It’s nice to know your kids feel able to speak about serious matters to you.

I hope you all have a good 2015.


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South Londoner struggling with life, art and photography.
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