Preparing for the new term–three actions

Action 1
The end of last term ended well in terms of both projects completed and administration. The Disability Adviser (Carys) had made herself known to me and advised me about the types of support I could get. This resulted in my getting a new PC with a touchscreen facility as well as speech recognition software, as well putting practical support in place ready for when I want to produce my images as physical objects.

This morning’s email inbox contained a letter from Carys with a draft individual support agreement. This outlines what the University and I can expect from each other. It’s in draft form so my first action will be to read it, think about the issues within it and then reply with any suggestions – all done using Dragon Dictate Smile

Action 2
The second action was to arrange to part exchange my Sony Rx100 Mark 2. untitled-1030958-Edit

This wonderful little camera has been my carry around camera of choice for the past year. It’s small flexible with a tiltable LCD screen, focal length of 28mm to 100mm (35mm equivalents) and is F/1.8 at its widest (f/4.9 at 100mm) – but does not have touchscreen technology and so is a little fiddly when using single focus points (which is my standard approach).

Of course I still use much of my Four-Thirds equipment a lot because of the range of approaches the kit gives me. For example my widest lens is 14mm, longest 600mm with many useful lenses in-between that come in to their own for special purposes.  For example, I have a 24mm f/2 lens that is great for street work and a 75mm f.1.4 lens which is great for portraits. Yet when I review the 3250 digital images I created last year (note, not all were photos) I see that 1233 were created with the Sony. Accordingly it’s easy to see that this camera has become an important tool in my armoury. For example, almost all the images of shot of my mum’s last days were taken with the little Sony.

Anyway, now Canon have brought out a similar sized camera with the same large sensor but with a range of improvements. For example, it goes to F/2.8 at 100mm, offers 24mm to 100mm focal length and has a tiltable LCD screen with touchscreen technology. These improvements should make the Canon easier for me to use as well as increasing its use in low light at longer focal distances. The part exchange price I have been offered is £200 so I have to find another £250 or thereabouts for the Canon, but it should be worth it.

Action 3:
Reflecting on where I am up to now with my MA I feel that the project work I carried out enabled me to find my voice again and that was good but just now I am feeling very tested with my health. The constant battle is:

  • administrative: eg yesterday’s illness meant I had to reschedule a hospital appointment from then to tomorrow, and I am always ordering and reviewing drugs and equipment;
  • physical: managing my body so I can function eg get up and work;
  • and emotional – keeping up the mental fight to push on

So maybe this is what I will focus on now by exploring and finding ways to articulate on these experiences…


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South Londoner struggling with life, art and photography.
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