Testing new year’s resolutions

My preparations for a new term have begin today. They were supposed to begin yesterday but on Sunday I felt ill, bled again and had such diarrhoea for the 24 hours following, that hospital appointments, eating and getting up were cancelled unless it was to change the bed and wash.

So given that part of my new year’s resolution was to  “Stay as healthy and functionally active as possible.   How? Keep moving forward and don’t let problems set me off course; address them and move on.” I am acknowledging my reality and moving on.

Thus this image is called Exhaustion acknowledgement. untitled-3368-Edit

By the time this photo was taken the only stuff left in me was fluid. I had to get up to clean up but was exhausted because I would reach and defecate after about 90 minutes of every time I tried to eat some bread.

So now that’s acknowledged I will move on.  


About Pete

South Londoner struggling with life, art and photography.
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