Project 6 Picture of Health: my typological approach

This post summarizes the process that I have been using for project 6: A picture of Health. The set up for my series is shown below. I planned to use a square format and shoot seven images – one for each day of the week. I used a plain white background, static camera position and remote shutter release, with a flat straight on point of view. I experimented with a few apertures and lighting setups and found that a f/6.3 aperture gave the required depth of field and the bounced flash worked well in order to generate another set of faux factual images. I say faux factual because of course every image is both an index and a subjective study of the real.


The results were interesting. Below is a sample image processed in a variety of ways.

Sample image no adjustments

Sample image vivid light


Sample image High contrast

Sample image High key

Sample image pop art evocation

On its own the photo doesn’t say very much save for inviting the viewer to consider why the image is shown at all and then considering its meaning. But as this little exercise indicates, the production values can transform the evocation – although none offer the image in a way that I would describe as either sublime or grotesque. As I expected, this is because the strength lies in offering the viewer an objective cold look at the similarities and differences between the images in a typology.

Moreover I think the approach offers something very different than some of my earlier posts in this project, and that is a strong aesthetic quality. There is a balance between the subject matter and the artistic approach that I like.

I will have completed the set soon and so, if all goes well, my next post will show the final images.


About Pete

South Londoner struggling with life, art and photography.
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