Project 7: Articulation and evocation through multiplication

Reflecting on the work in the project carried out so far I wondered whether offering viewers both a artistic and documentary sense of my situation would be better carried out by multiple rendering of the image in different renderings rather than a single image. So I’ve created a number of representations of it – just exploring how each speaks to the viewer and then placed them in a grid.

Blood x 9, version 1, Peter Mansell, 2015image

The central image in the set is straight and all the others are versions of it. In fact rather than choose one version I think this image raises questions about the subject matter. Is the viewer looking at a document or an art work? The just while playing I found the image worked better when rotated as it appeared more dynamic and less static.

Blood x 9, version 2, Peter Mansell, 2015Blood matrix 20inch (1 of 1)

This multiple set works okay. If offers both a view of the blood as a document and as a graphic entity. The grid image reinforces the dominance of the blood in my life works well at a distance and close up when the details of the different renderings offer their own aesthetic.

However, the artistic renderings are too obviously photoshoped and not individual enough and I am not as sure whether the approach it’s as powerful as the Blood striped image – although if I am to use that I would need to make the photoshop renderings more individual and less obvious.


About Pete

South Londoner struggling with life, art and photography.
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