Project 7: More of a colour diversion

I’ve spent today on a little diversion by looking at colour and scale. This was triggered by the utter failure of the effect of colour on my colour blood grid for Project 7. The intention is just to explore the effect scale has on colours and shapes as I think the viewers proximity to the Blood image will play a key part in its evocation.

So here I created a grid of coloured embedded rectangles in Excel, created a jpg and then then PSD file and then just repeatedly copied and compressed the original file to see the effect.

Itten and scale (1 of 6)Itten and scale (2 of 6)Itten and scale (3 of 6)Itten and scale (4 of 6)Itten and scale (5 of 6)Itten and scale (6 of 6)Itten and scale (6 of 6)-EditItten and scale (6 of 6)-Edit-Edit12

As you can see the rectangles vanish into one brown/grey square. Another way of showing it is like this below where I have transposed some of the compressed images onto the larger square.


Scale is something clearly key to this project.  The issue is so inextricably linked to the subject matter I am working on and my intended evocation I really need to review where I am and what I want to say with the project. Given today is Friday I think I will leave the work now and give myself the weekend to step away and then come back to the issues on Monday as the time might help give me some new insights perspectives and ideas.


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