Sounds–when you become truly out of depth

At our last symposium the issue of sound art was explored. Now don’t think of sound art as music as it isn’t. But can I define it? No.

So today’s task was to create four sound files : 1 ambient track and 3 short sound events ready for this afternoon’s symposium.

I already had two sound files that I had recorded in the back garden last summer and wanted to use them and created two more shorter tracks on the PC. However there were some flaws to my plan.

1) Even though Ed (the symposium leader) had explained about sound formats and sound quality I had no idea what formats my files were in until I located the files and now find I have five files in two formats – none of which will play on Audacity!

So I thought I’d play with the visualisation of my experience…..



About Pete

South Londoner struggling with life, art and photography.
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