Symposium–February 3rd 2015

Yesterday’s symposium consisted of a wide ranging discussion of all sorts of things. Interactivity (eg Blast Theory) , destruction (eg Michael Landy) – where definitions of art and games don’t really work any more eg in some interactive games that challenge traditional assumptions.

We also discussed exhibiting our work and the interim show and what our contributions might look like eg physical, online and virtual. But my abiding memory of this symposium will be of the cold because I have had no central heating for a week.

Heat gels applied at the symposiumuntitled-1120151-Edit

The experience reminded me that no matter how intellectually interesting something is, it’s often the visceral experience that trumps it.



But little did I know worse was to come with dad falling and breaking his hip. Hospital visits beckon for the poor old soul.



Oh – and Karen and I have been married 33 years today!

Our wedding 04021982-14


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2 Responses to Symposium–February 3rd 2015

  1. Tanya says:

    What an emotional day. I hope your dad gets on OK in the hospital. I hope your heating gets fixed .
    Congrats on 33 years together – that is amazing! Lovely photo 🙂


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