Cold, worried and distracted (when will summer come?)

I saw dad yesterday. He’s up and that is good. The plan is that he won’t be discharged directly to home but will be referred to a nursing home when ready medically for physiotherapy prior to coming home.

Feb 12 (1 of 4)

He’s trying to bear up but it’s hard for him. We all like to be in control and when that is taken from us or we can’t cope with the complexity of life it can be hard to take.

When as I am writing this a man names Jamie is whistling away in our bathroom. The old leaking hot water tank is out and the new one sitting ready for some pipe work prior to installation.

Feb 12 (3 of 4)

Of course, I am in my little work room trying to keep warm.

Feb 12 (4 of 4)

I find it hard to concentrate in the cold and keep getting distracted. But the old copper hot water tank offered a nice image with all is patina.

Feb 12 (2 of 4)

Now let’s get back to work (and roll on summer….)


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South Londoner struggling with life, art and photography.
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