I want to be Steve Strange



My life seems to be filled up with crap at the moment. Stuff that Maslow called basic needs.  When will I get to the self fulfilment part of life…ever?



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South Londoner struggling with life, art and photography.
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8 Responses to I want to be Steve Strange

  1. I would question the notion of self fulfilment itself.


    • anomiepete says:

      What do you mean Trystan – don’t you think anyone can be content and happy?


      • Hey Pete, yeah I should probably qualify a statement like that a bit. In my defense I’d had a glass of wine and am reading some particularly bleak philosophy at the moment. I might start rambling here, be warned!

        I’m not saying that human beings are unable to feel either contentment or happiness or sometimes even both if we’re lucky. I guess my personal issue with it is as a singular concept, that being “content and happy” is a thing that you achieve and then everything’s alright and you just go on being content and happy. I think feelings of contentment and happiness are necessarily transitory and ephemeral, but that doesn’t make them any less important in fact I would argue that the fleeting nature of such states is precisely what makes them such important things. I just don’t think anyone ever really reaches a stage where they are fully content and happy and shit things stop happening to them, well maybe a few very lucky individuals but certainly not the majority of humans.

        Just clicked through that link you put up and saw that the Maslow chart was being used in the context of “Motivational theory in practice at Tesco”, which made me laugh and then a bit sad. I don’t think Tesco is able to provide meaningful self fulfilment regardless of the career progression opportunities. I’m admittedly being needlessly cynical though.

        I think art can help though, if not at providing all encompassing self fulfilment or an indefinite state of contentment then at least in providing brief glimpses and moments of those things. Personally a creative outlet is definitely something which I feel at the very least helps me feel slightly more sane. Please bear in mind that I’m an idiot and don’t really know what I’m on about.

        Sorry to hear that the rubbish things are in abundance at the moment, I hope they start to look up soon. The honesty with which you approach your work and this blog is refreshing and interesting anyway. Apologies for the essay, comments sections probably aren’t the best place to get into philosophical discussion on the nature of happiness.

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      • anomiepete says:

        A thoughtful considered response Trystan. I agree with much of your sentiment – I’d just like to be content and happy for an hour or so (maybe valium or larger would help….)

        All the best

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  2. emmadrye says:

    As an OCA tutor I follow your blog. Because of the often very personal nature of your commentary I have held back from referring my students to your site unless it seems very important that they see it. I would say that your art practice goes beyond Maslow and provides something essential not just for you but for those that witness it. Perhaps finding an accessible route to exhibiting more frequently would help nurture that side of your life. If you were to have found yourself in Steve Strange’s situation this morning, it would be a loss to more than yourself as your work has given a great deal to many people, myself included.

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    • anomiepete says:

      Thanks Emma. It’s nice of you to say that. Of course I do LOVE life – it’s just that sometimes I feel under a sustained attack from all sides: dad in hospital, no heat and little hot water and the feeling of powerlessness in some situations like my present one even though I do all the things you’re supposed to do. 😦

      It’s good when people like you make a connection though. Now how about giving me access to your blog?

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      • emmadrye says:

        Hi Pete, I had to keep a blog as part of my MFA which I kept private because it was just a learning tool. You are welcome to look at it if you like! I think I have to invite you.

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    • anomiepete says:

      Good point about exhibiting Emma. I’m just trying to put a decent body of work together at present to do keep an eye out for opportunities.


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