Analysis and hope

We hope to be near the end of the long Central Heating saga. Just looking back I can see where the delays were. Week one was taken up with getting plumbers to visit (a job in of itself) and diagnose the problem. Week 2 was taken up with identifying the source of the leak and plumbers to visit to quote for the work. Week three was taken up with doing the work and now in week four its about doing the work better so we have central heating and hot water. 

In fact it looks as thought the plumbers have replaced are hot water tank with one that is too small for our needs and that the new tank will need to be replaced. We have patchy heat to some radiators and hot water via the immersion – but not enough. So the saga continues (but its nowhere near as bad as the two weeks we had no central heating whatsoever, as then it was truly dire!)

Steve, Ruth and Will have done a sterling job with dad. It’s been great knowing that they have been able to sort out his practical needs while in hospital. He is on antibiotics for the pneumonia and there is talk of his being discharged soon.

Greg is in Amsterdam as a write this – for work – until Saturday and Alex is just back from a weekend there. BUT they have their mortgage application interview this Saturday and you can get a decent property for around £400K in London so I am confident…………………………….no… hopeful is probably a better word that they will move out at some point this year.

Jonathan, our MA course leader has just sent through the low residency plan and I aim to have a good look at that today and see where I can participate – at least meet some of my new colleagues.

After getting to the hospital yesterday and checking in I was kindly told that I was in the right place at the right time but on the wrong date. My appointment was for March 17 not February 17!

This last point gave me an idea for a project….


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