Dad: the next chapter


The email to the family just now following dad’s discharge from hospital yesterday…

Hi all

Firstly a big well done to Steve again for last night. Dad told me he called you out at 12.15 because the heating was off and you sorted him out.

When I got around there his heating was very very hot and so I adjusted the thermostat so that the radiators are hot but not too hot to touch.  I could not see the controls in the Kitchen so don’t know what they are set to and only adjusted the thermostat in the hall.

1) The injections are a course of Heparin  following his operation (I assume just to stop any clotting)

2) The house phones are at fixed points (hall and back room). If we want to add an additional point by his bed I am sure I could arrange that.  Just now he is using his mobile phone as he can’t get to the house phones. (Plus he is as deaf as a post and so I personally find speaking to dad on the phone quite difficult).

3) The rehabilitation nurses (Bromley health) will visit morning and evening for up to a maximum of five weeks and attend to him to help him with personal care, dressing and cooking/eating etc. (as well as giving the injections). If at the end of this period they don’t think he is able to take care of himself independently they will refer him to Bromley Social Services who will assess him (and then he would end up paying for the care as he does with Carewatch currently).

4) Carewatch are coming in today, tomorrow, Saturday, Monday and Tuesday at around 11am to ensure he is okay, tidy up etc I have spoken to Denise their organiser to update his careplan so it includes personal care and food preparation. I will speak to dad and Steve on Sunday to assess and agree what help dad needs for after next Tuesday and then arrange that with carewatch

5) The Cleaning service will begin from next Thursday and Nicole will clean, dust, wash and iron

6) Newsagents have restarted dads daily delivery

7) Re furniture. I don’t think there is any need/hurry to remove the dinning table and chairs as they are not in the way. However there is a need to remove one chair in the back room as I can’t get to all the area in dads freezer. Maybe you could have a think about that Steve.

Love P

(The plumbing saga continues with a powerflush tomorrow….)


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