MA Low Residency

I’ve been catching up on the activities of course mates on the second week of their Low Residency this week. It’s strange to think that when I was reading for my first degree the internet had not been made public and so a post like this would have been impossible.

This MA includes:

  • Blogs both of the course and individuals – see here and here
  • Videos of activities – see here

So even though I only attended one morning of the residency I can get to see what others have been doing and engage with them remotely if I want to. This is more important than you might think as their posts can offer me leads that I wouldn’t have otherwise made. For example, I saw that this morning the group were due to visit the Stanley Kubrick archive, the  Christian Marclay exhibition at the White Cube Bermondsey and the Whitechapel Gallery.

Reading the MA blog this morning I saw the group spent a day working with Arduino boards. I have not heard of this before so looked it up here. Having looked at the site you can see that it’s a place where art and science meet in the real world with starter kits, 3D printing kits, kits to make wearable devices all on sale for under £100. And that probably takes me to the edge of what is is to participate virtually as I would have to be prepared to invest time and money to begin to experiment with Arduino whereas if I had attended the day I would have achieved that goal.

But it’s good to explore these things even if its only virtually because then I am aware of them.


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