Project 10: Experiment with symbols and brand values

One of the things I haven’t touched on yet but that forms a major part of my experience is that of symbols. The disability symbol is very sparse in terms of its presence and so a bit like the abstractions and codes projects I have been working, but its ubiquity makes it very very well known and powerful. So I decided to explore re-presenting it both differently through a variety of representations and in the context of brands. Here it is.

brand values 18

This image doesn’t resonate with me. The brands say little if anything about impairment in this context and reduce any evocation my treatment of the disability symbols.  Thus rather than look at brands I have decided to concentrate on the issue of symbols and meaning and so will park the brands aspect of the project here.


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South Londoner struggling with life, art and photography.
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7 Responses to Project 10: Experiment with symbols and brand values

  1. asitbeats says:

    We’re u born disabled?


  2. anomiepete says:

    Haha. I was paralysed when 20 years old and am now 57, so I’ve spent more of my life as a wheelchair user, although my formative years were spent as a non disabled person. Of corse there are many aspects to my life like work and family but I’ve chosen to explore my experience of paralysis in this MA. 😆

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  3. asitbeats says:

    How did it happen? If u don’t mind me asking?


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