Unit 1 Mid Point Review

Jonathan sent us an email….

Mid Point Review

This is the final week and it is half way through Unit 1 (and 1 third of the way through your whole MA).

For the Mid Point Review you must prepare a 5 minute video presentation of your work so far. This can be a simple slide show of images and your voice recorded over it but it must only be 5 minutes long. On that day we will go through each presentation for both students in London and online. We will watch the 5 minute presentation then there will be a 5 minute discussion about your work BUT during this discussion you will not be allowed to speak or type your answers, you must remain silent and listen to the comments and discussion.

This is a big challenge but it means you will gain a very useful insight into how people see your work and your progress so far. Your video MUST be on your blog, use youtube or vimeo and embed it on your blog.

Your video must be on your blog by Monday 16 March by 10.00 UK time. You must then watch all the videos before Tuesday so you can prepare some comments and thoughts about each other.

Mid Point Review is part of the formal assessment for Unit 1, you will not get a grade at this stage but taking part is a requirement for Unit 1 (remember at this point you are only half way through Unit 1) — the assessment is not just making a video presentation it is also about your contribution to the overall discussion.

So, here is my video: enjoy, (or even better: engage) but make sure you watch it in full screen mode.


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South Londoner struggling with life, art and photography.
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14 Responses to Unit 1 Mid Point Review

  1. rhiannon evans says:

    So good, I liked it twice!
    Or maybe three times.. not sure…connection problem…….

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  2. That was really good, almost a piece of work in itself. Mine is really quite terrible!

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    • anomiepete says:

      Thanks Trystan. It felt awkward making it because I’m not showing anything anywhere near completed or finished, but then thought hey … that’s okay for where we are now.

      I look forward to seeing yours.


  3. sarahlsnaps says:

    Actually, just had a great idea of how I can improve mine… do you take commissions? 😉

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  4. Tanya says:

    Your video is fantastic Pete, and what a joy to finally hear you speak, now I can imagine your accent when I read and not mine!

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    • anomiepete says:

      Haha, it’s still very early days hey so I’ve achieved no real resolution yet Tanya. I enjoyed learning Movie Maker and creating the video though. Oh, and it will be your turn to post your voice up at some point! All the best


      • Tanya says:

        Maybe not a resolution but your areas of interest cycle through the video- and NO WAY! (Whatever accent you imagine will be better than the Brummie/Reading/Transatlantic one I have!)

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  5. Nice one, Pete! Especially liked ‘The Conversation’ touch informing the viewer.

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  6. Yea, I agree. There was so much I didn’t speculate on. Now I’m wondering if posting my presentation to my blog so early was a good idea.


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