Unit 1 Mid point review notes:

I’ve been reviewing the Unit 1 Mid point review videos we were required to make and made a few notes as I watched each one prior to the symposium tomorrow. The list is in the order that I viewed the videos and there are really just notes for me that record my thoughts as I watched and listened to the videos.

Rhiannon Evans- http://movingarchives.wordpress.com/

  • Residue, Archive,
  • Drawing, printing, projecting, moving images, layering
  • Community engagement
  • “the physicality of digital space” – I like that

Sarah Robinson- www.sarahlsnaps.com

  • Inspiration from nan and artefacts of her life esp WW2
  • Methods – eg wax, metal photos; code and memorabilia
  • Sudden end = good – unfinished narrative

Jason Murray-http://murrayjasonpaul.wordpress.com/

  • Opens with explanations: Animation experiments: psychological horror in animated films
  • Video takes us through media used – drawings, animations, photos, Marquette’s
  • “Don’t have nightmares” was more interesting because its an unknown story to me and the fusing of people in the imagery kept up a visual interest.
    The end “silent hell” is intriguing.

Donald Takeshita-Guy http://dontakguy.wordpress.com/

  • No intro – straight into very testing visuals but the sound was a pure explanatory commentary that took away a little of the visual experience.
  • Then into a variety of colour animations that were interesting but trying to overlay them with a narrative was, I found, impossible
  • Strongest visual for me was the girl walking ghost like down the stairs
  • But the written dialogue in the last minutes was interesting and offered much more of a narrative to the piece.

Clara Durán – https://claradurangonzalez.wordpress.com/

  • Talk over film – about method and interest (water) and theoretical references
  • Performance, painting, photography
  • Video demonstration of process and outcomes (physicality)
  • Interesting – demonstrative and explanatory in term of process

Anqi Zhou http://zhouangie.wordpress.com/

  • Inspiration – Nobo
  • Assaulted by media – flashing stills, typed words and commentary
  • Strong colours
  • I loved the photo of the river surrounded by the pink flowered boarder with one solitary flower animated to fall down/across the frame – arresting
  • Emphasises the approach through reading and showing a simple types statement – but then the statement went on and on..
  • Then strong emotion in “Cutie and the boxer”

Jack Addis – http://jackaddisart.wordpress.com/

  • Loved the synthetic voice – unexpected
  • Approach outlines looking at digital communities
  • “after the crash” – made it personal

Kammi LAM, Ka Wai – https://kammilam.wordpress.com

  • Opens with a very traditional presentation format
  • Likes “fate is chosen but life is a choice”
  • V interesting visual comparisons between London and Hong Kong

Yvonne Opalinski – https://carpenuncdiem.wordpress.com/

  • Opens with interesting animated drawing of cellist
  • We see Yvonne painting and talking about her practice
  • She has a nice voice

Jiaqi Huang http://peachskinallergy.wordpress.com/

  • Interesting (colourful and graphic) opening shot of food typology from above
  • Pacey fast opening and then straight into interesting puppet animation with voices over
  • Sculpture – investing a sculpture with personality – “the guide”
  • Nice break into video description

Manuel D’Onofrio – http://manuellnon.wordpress.com/

  • Ambient sound and synthetic voice = interesting
  • Morphing.virtual id
  • Very interesting gifs and the blob

Trystan Williams – http://intoanoceanof.wordpress.com/

  • Set up via an apology for the video
  • Talk over slides and the “taxi” tune
  • Insight – colour of engravings
  • Phones – then moves onto imagery rather than text in slate
  • liked the large slate with different laser cut rectangles – visually interesting
  • love the whistling at the end = humour

Charles Harrop-Griffiths – http://charlesharropgriffiths.wordpress.com/

  • synthetic voice and jazzy 1930s music
  • the physical and virtual
  • the body – vanity and identity of online profiles
  • mountains by lines and strong animations
  • interesting painting animation

Virgina & Blanca – http://su0038.wordpress.com

  • masks/discussion
  • the real, simulated and transformed
  • meaning of life explored

Anthi Evangelou – http://anthievangelou.wordpress.com

  • body sculptures and other projects
  • lots of talking before sight of the images
  • community engagement as a focus

Pascale Lemelin – http://pemcy.wordpress.com/

  • silence and reading introduction
  • colourful examples of work in progress
  • some examples of work reminded me of writing lines at school
  • interestingly listed targets for next phase of work

(Cecilie Waagner Falkenstrøm – http://www.ceciliefalkenstrom.com/blog/

  • Utopia – filmic opening sequence and filmic qualities run through it
  • talk over works well when other scenes are shown eg walking in distance

I couldn’t find the last participant’s videos and Aurelie Freoua – http://aureliexplorations.wordpress.com)

General thoughts
I found the range of approaches interesting: some people orient the viewer about purpose, inspiration and methods and others sort of let the work speak more for itself. I also like the fact that lots of people apologise for various things before they present and yet they have nothing to apologise for really.

I am looking forward to tomorrow’s discussion.


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