The “hard” end of the work-stream

I received an email from Jonathan, the course leader today. He is curating the London exhibition of Lumen Art Prize – part of their world tour of 2014 winners. He’s invited his students to be involved as co-curators.

Jonathan listed the sort of jobs involved and where students might be able to help.

  • Producing an A4 sheet with a map showing the position of each work with name and title
  • Creating a brief statement from the curators to be handed out at the event and published on the Lumen website
  • Helping with promotion through social media
  • Helping with invigilation when the show is open
  • Participation in a Symposium

The email was thought provoking in several ways. Firstly it made me reflect on the artistic workstream and see that I am very much at the production end of it at present. Indeed I still have about 20 weeks left where I am focussed on creating imagery for this project and only then, when Unit 1 is complete, will I begin to turn my mind to issue of exhibiting and consumption. Of course this statement isn’t wholly true as often I think how a photo or image might be presented. But I purposefully have not worked through these issues yet as I don’t want to get too far ahead of myself but rather let my imagination, exploration and experimentation drive the direction of travel just now.

But at some point the camera will be put down and the processing cease as the workload will move to exhibiting and engagement; all of which involves promotion and project management. I will need to make people aware of my work and arrange for it to be produced and exhibited. Space will have to be booked and paid for and people cajoled into attending.

I am not looking forward to that part of the process as these tasks are unappealing to me, and I am sure this is the case for many people. However thinking about the issues does offer me some direction. For example, I know that I want my work to engage the artistic community rather than say the disabled community. This is because the discourse I am promoting through my work is already known and understood by many politicised disabled people whereas the artistic community seem largely unaware of it.

Does your work target anyone in particular?

How do you promote your work?

Do you enjoy it?

Are you successful at it? 


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  1. Not really, maybe people who like a bit of humour with their existentialism?

    Not very well.


    No idea.

    Hope that helps!

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