Project 10: Moving symbols moving

The work on symbols and evolution has given me an idea about showing the symbol as a moving image and so here are some I created using gifs. The first gif was just playing with the international standard symbol.

1 International symbol

I think the flashing imbues the gif with a sense of urgency.

I then experimented with the theme of evolution but the gif I created didn’t really work. Rather than evoking a sense of emergence it suggested disappearance!

2 Symbol

However I corrected this just by reversing the order of the images. It seems to work.

3 Evolution

I then adapted an earlier still set of images to create another evolution type gif where the walking person becomes a wheelchair user. I have included three versions here so you can see how my thinking moved from one idea to another.



6 walk

I enjoyed making these gifs. However the experience of viewing the moving image is just so very different from that faced with a still image that the two are difficult to compare. I enjoy watching movies and TV but the arresting nature of the still work of art resonates with me in a much more fundamental way. Stillness and passivity has a power all of its own. (Indeed a colleague on the course thinks passivity could be a form of radicalism – see here.)

Moreover I think the subject matter that I am working on, paralysis, lends itself much more to the still format. So I think it’s back to the still image for me….


About Pete

South Londoner struggling with life, art and photography.
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