FreshFaced, WildEyed and coincidence

The Photographers’ Gallery newsletter arrived the other day (on March 25th to be exact) announcing its annual exhibition aimed at celebrating emerging talent in the UK. It’s open to those who have graduated in the last 12 months from a UK visual arts course at BA or MA level, and given my degree certificate shows my award sharing the very same date bar the year (2014) I thought this might be something I submit to.

The question was whether to submit from the projects I was currently working on or something from my first degree work. In the end the choice was quite easy as none of the 10 projects explored so far as part of my MA are anywhere near complete and so I turned to that work I rated from my final year of my photography degree.

Applicants are allowed to submit up to 8 images and so I selected a subset from my Paralysis series that can be seen in full here.

Paralysis-1Paralysis-2Drug PackagingSuppositoriesJostickWheelchair cushionSacrumPackaging ready for recycling

As I write this post up and reflect on the submission my decision to select these images seems right. It is too easy to move on too quickly and focus on the things ones is currently working on when these images appear to me to still be as strong in their evocation as when I created them and so deserve a wider audience. There is a danger to think that they are past it just because I have viewed them many times.  Fingers crossed that I get my wish.


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South Londoner struggling with life, art and photography.
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  1. Catherine says:

    Fingers crossed for you here as well Pete.

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