Project 10 More symbols and repetition

This post is just a simple continuation of my previous exploration into injecting the disability symbol with personality. Here below I have continued to explore that through greater repetition than previously applied, and some colour.

Symbols 3 (7 of 23)Symbols 3 (11 of 23)Symbols 3 (8 of 23)imageSymbols 3 (10 of 23)

This set of repetitions seems to have the least diversity in what they say even though they are all quite distinct in terms of colour and texture. Shape dominates all. I suppose something like this might be useful as linking images in a book, but I can’t see any clear evocation from them as singular images.


About Pete

South Londoner struggling with life, art and photography.
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1 Response to Project 10 More symbols and repetition

  1. These repetitions interest me, Pete. Yes, shape clearly dominates bar the last image (for me). Using bright colours dramatically alters and challenges the context completely.

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