Project 10: Symbols and scale

Right, so in this experiment I have taken the first image below and then adjusted it for scale through firstly increasing the viewers’ sight of to the whole image and then duplicating it and reducing the size.

In this first image one can clearly see what the symbols are and the four types shown (blue, blue with white wheel, blue with white wheel and head and yellow).


In the next image the view now includes two small images of non wheelchair users. But the shapes can all be clearly seen.


In the next image the shapes are giving way to a blue patter with small colours peppered throughout.


In the last image the shapes cannot be distinguished without looking very closely – they have become subsumed into a more general pattern.


This has experiment worked quite well in that the images transformed themselves into an almost unidentifiable pattern. I am not sure how I would use such an image – maybe overlaying the different scales images against each other in a sort of collage of scale is one idea – but the exercise was thought provoking in the sense of transforming one thing into another being dependent on how far away from the viewer is from the image.

I don’t think this type of image makes for something that stands alone but we will see.


About Pete

South Londoner struggling with life, art and photography.
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