Sunaura Taylor

I was looking at work of Sunaura Taylor (see here) today, especially her oil paintings. I think what I like about them is that they do not hide or emphasise aspects of the impairment rather they recognise the impairment in the frame without allowing it to dominate and so it becomes part of the whole without becoming the whole.

But as I continued to explore I saw less aesthetically pleasing images that were nevertheless engaging and made me think. These were images of animals and people in odd poses and positions where both looked to share the same impairment.

I then found an interesting article by the artist where she explains that her aim is to counter images of freakery and victimhood and present disability as a political issue and that she sees a lot of connections between the treatment of animals and disabled people (Taylor, 2013).

I enjoyed the exploration but for me I want to move away from the body and look to the other related causes of disability.  

Taylor, S. (2013), ‘Animals, ableism, activism’, Journal of Visual Art Practice, 12: 3, pp. 235–244, Published by Routledge


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