Six minutes 23 seconds well spent

I viewed a couple of videos in response to this week’s symposium and wanted to share them as they seems to me to be good examples of why both digital and the moving image offer so much.

In the first here Yvonne uses sound the moving to evoke and transform . In the next here by Christine Hooper uses the power of digital collage, stop motion animation etc along with narrative to really create a sense of night thoughts in a light hearted and entertaining way. I then went to her site here and found lots of interesting videos.

I’ve tended not to explore the moving image much but these inventive shorts gave me an idea. Yesterday’s diptych was this.

signs 18-4

But another just as valid way of showing it would be as a gif, like this.


I prefer the still image diptych as it allows for a different – reflective rather than immersive – experience but don’t think the two videos that triggered this experiment could work as well as still images as the issues of movement, transformation and immersion  are shown so well via that medium.


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South Londoner struggling with life, art and photography.
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2 Responses to Six minutes 23 seconds well spent

  1. rhiannon evans says:

    I really love this gif with the little ones on the signs… terrific .. it changes the static into movement and a powerful ..moving forward image . It brings it alive through the animation and the static stick is so subtle and demonstrates a sort of flattering stasis to me… left behind by the gif!
    It also made me laugh.. in a good way.
    A sort of gentle ‘up yours’… watch out for ‘ME’!
    and a strong contrast with the more personal intimate images…which are also really important for ‘consciousness raising’ if thats not too much of an ’80’s word…
    All Best


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