Her (I don’t want to lose this)

I watched a great film yesterday entitled Her – see here and want to register my thoughts about it.

The film is about a man lonely after his marriage breakup and how – in this future world were computer operating systems have acquired artificial and emotional intelligence – he falls in love with it but that the OS outgrows both him and humankind and disengages with them to follow their own path with their own kind.

The film stuck chords with me on many levels:

  • The pace of the film was slow and measured compared to many modern films, yet it wasn’t ponderous.
  • The theme of not being able to sustain a relationship when the two parties are so different featured but little was made of the prejudice that often accompanies such situations.
  • The wholly illusive power of digital – its present one minute and can be gone in a second.

I wonder whether I would prefer to be an AI operating system so that all those mundane and laborious physical aspects of my life were banished from my experience, or whether it is those very features that  are key to me being me. Would I be someone else? Yes. But would I be happy…?


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South Londoner struggling with life, art and photography.
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5 Responses to Her (I don’t want to lose this)

  1. That sounds like an interesting film…. I must watch it. Have you seen Ex Machina? Or Transcendence? Both relevant to your thoughts there I think.

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    • anomiepete says:

      I enjoyed Transcendence Rachel but haven’t seen Ex Machina yet and so will look that up – thanks. I do think digital, AI and the virtual are great filmic subjects.


      • I agree. I read a good book with essays on all the aspects of AI and virtua from literature, film, history, post-modernism, religious, philosophical etc…. all based on The Matrix, but only loosely in some cases as it explores the origins of robots etc. You may have read about it in my blog…. I’m just fascinated by it!

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  2. anomiepete says:

    What’s the book’s title Rachel?


  3. It’s called Taking the Red Pill: Science, Philosophy and Religion in The Matrix. Just sent you a message on Facebook with the details.

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