Project 11: breakthrough

Even though we had an important symposium yesterday I’ve been concentrating on completing this and so will focus on the issues raised at the symposium regarding our research paper over the weekend.

I’ve had a bit of a breakthrough with this work today. I used this single image below left in some landscape work for my photography degree and had come back to use it as a base for adapting into a diptych. However, and as you can see, while I changed the wall symbol I failed to notice the need to adjust the symbol painted on the floor.

signs 18-2

So I worked on the image some more and think it works reasonably well.

Sings finals

However I took the concept of critiquing the signs a little further by removing them completely in this last image of a triptych.

signs (4 of 6)

This, I think, really moved the discourse on. The diptychs show the different values associated with symbols (passive, active etc.) and so offers a sense of the cultural in the everyday, and apparently value neutral factual things in life, but this image suggests the wholly social nature of disability (as distinct from impairment) by showing the same parking space without any symbols.


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