Today’s tutorial pumped me up. Jonathan and I discussed the latest project (Project 11: Signs) and what they evoked, as well as where they came from and where the ideas were going.

We also discussed the course structure and how that was working for me (ie fine) and the interim show due to take place in July. This last subject is important in terms of timing as I am unable to access the University’s printing facilities and so creating – printing and mounting – physical works takes longer than would otherwise be the case because I have to get others to do this to my specification.

Accordingly I have been liaising with Carys – the College’s Disability Adviser – to arrange this and have four images ready for before July 14th so I can show them.  Jonathan and I discussed using some of the budget I have to achieve this and he will liaise with Carys.

I’m nervous and excited!


About Pete

South Londoner struggling with life, art and photography.
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