Project 12: New project and one last diptych?

In one of my earlier posts (here) I pondered how I could evoke in viewers a sense of what I see when looking at vistas like this photo of my home. I discussed this with Jonathan in my last tutorial and how the work on project 11 has given me an idea for an approach that is opposite to that used then.

In project 11 I created the message by finding settings with disability signs in and adapting them to make my point. Thus the viewer was faced with two or three versions of the same vista and could see how the signs designated disabled people different. Project 12 will do the opposite. Here I will select common landscape that do not have any obvious disability triggers within them but are in fact Man made and still offer me particular challenges as a wheelchair user. I will then inject them with a trigger to evoke a sense of disablism.

Here is the first example where I have used the simple vista of my home alongside my neighbours houses. There is nothing to raise a particular disability connotation in it unless you read the image from for example, a wheelchair user’s perspective.

new house (2 of 3)

However by incorporating symbols into the same vista as presented above a sense of issues relating to physical access can be triggered in the viewer’s minds about things like physical barriers to domestic access and neighbourliness.

new house (3 of 3)

This approach has thus changed the the image from a straight urban landscape to a semiological and political statement. I had originally planned to just use the second image but think the images work best as a pair as this then takes the viewer from what they are used to seeing and understanding to where I want them to be.

 My Street Web-2

However, in the next set of images I will try and use this approach and present the images as single statements and see what the effect is as I think once the viewer sees one pair of images like the above they should begin to see and share my perspective.


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